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Lift-off! World's first commercial flying car goes on sale with £255,000 price tag
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PAL-V International announces two-seater craft to make your morning commute a lot more interesting.

Owning a flying car is no longer a fantasy thanks to European company PAL-V International, who started commercial sales of its two-seater hybrid craft on Monday (13 February). The PAL-V Liberty can be ordered from the company's website, with production pegged to begin this summer.

The vehicle, which is essentially part car, part gyroplane, can be driven on roads much like a conventional car or alternatively taken skywards after being converted into flight mode. The £255,000 twin-engine craft can hit nearly 100mph on the tarmac or up to 112mph while in the air, flying as high as 4,000ft.

Netherland's-based PAL-V International has been working on its flying car concept since 2011. On the ground the three-wheeled PAL-V shares a similar handling system to a motorbike that relies on drivers tilting the vehicle with a control stick. The craft takes between 5-10 minutes to convert into its flight-ready mode, and can be launched from any open space measuring approximately 100-650ft x 60ft.

Because the PAL-V uses existing aviation technology it's already cleared for flight, meaning anyone legally allowed to fly can operate one. This means owing a pilot's license: PAL-V International makes it very clear that requirements for its flying craft are no different from any other aircraft.


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